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Linda Fedon

Author / Presenter

Founder of Kick Motivation

Originating from the warm North Pacific island of Oahu, at the tip of the Polynesian Triangle, Linda’s international marketing career was in the North American import/export business, representing fine markets such as
New Zealand, Japan, the USA, the Netherlands and Chile, South America.


Marketing and merchandising in conjunction with the New Zealand Apple and Kiwi Boards, Linda was a pioneer in introducing high quality New Zealand products into the Midwest of North America in the 80’s through mid 90’s.


In a diverse move from corporate to her passion for motivation and presenting, in 2010, she wrote and presented in the public school system a core values program called K!ck (Kids Into Changing Kids).


The leading message of this program was that if we want to make positive changes in the world, the best place to start is with ourselves. These bright young stars were impressive with their understanding of such a concept. 


Today...taking 18 years of corporate experience and blending it with a passion for motivation education, KICK has grown up. 


Kick Motivation features brand new presentations for businesses, individuals and groups locally, nationally and internationally.


The original concept of KICK does striving to make a positive difference to our person at a time.

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