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Program 1

Individual Program

iKick is a personalized one-on-one program, where individuals have the opportunity to discover and manage their own unique situations.


See how you can apply Kick Motivation to your life to achieve goals , reframe thinking and acquire a fresh perspective.

iKick programmes are tailored to your time needs and availability.​

Online programs are also available.

Program 2
Kick Motivation

Group Presentation

Kick Motivation guides groups through a
“revolution of new perspectives”...

that will definitely keep you thinking!

  • Introduction (Decision making process)

  • Positive responses to pressure

  • Perceptions and reality

  • Setbacks and overcoming obstacles

  • Letting go as a powerful motivator

  • Putting Blame into perspective

  • Conclusion (Activate your Motivation!)

Kick Motivation runs for approx 2 hours.​

On-location events and online programs are also available.

Program 3
Kick Conversations
Group Discussion Forums

Kick Conversations is a regular discussion group for taking
Kick Motivation concepts and your personal situation to the next level. This is a personalized extension to our presentation program, where participants can expand their knowledge within a group environment.

Sharing thoughts, ways forward, positive ideas that work while feeding off the energy of a group setting, Kick Conversations is ideal for nurturing and perpetuating motivation to get your situation to where you want it to be.


This program is interactive and can be beneficial for those wanting to network in a progressive-thinking environment, ask specific questions and enjoy the added support as ideas become reality though innovative thinking.

Kick Conversations run for 1-1 1/2 hours.​

On location events and online programs are also available.

Always new, always different, join us today!

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